About Seek Dogs Australia

Seek Dogs Australia is an organisation aimed at bringing knowledge about animal training and its benefits to as many people as possible. Created in early 2017, Seek Dogs Australia has grown quickly with K9 Nose Work® , Trick Training and Obedience classes, courses and events.

Rachel Lawler
The founder of Seek Dogs Australia, Rachel, is a passionate, knowledgeable person who is focused on improving the lives of everyday dogs through her classes and personal experiences.

Rachel's passion for animal training has always been present, even as a kid she would train her Labrador to do all sorts of tricks. However, at around 18 she really started to embrace the science behind all of these cool practices. Becoming a nerd to the science, completing several courses in dog behaviour and training as well as learning from trainers from all over the world, her most recent experience has been through the National Association of Canine Scent Work, as she has been involved in the inaugural Australian Certified Nose Work Instructor program.
Her love for training animals has brought her amazing opportunities working on tv/film sets for productions shown locally and abroad, 
as well as actively teaching K9 Nose Work®, Obedience and Trick classes.
Rachel lives in beautiful Bilpin in the Blue Mountains with her menagerie of animals (five dogs, chooks, birds, goat, steer, and sheep), and her very patient 'better half', Jordan. 

Friederike Welter
Friederike is passionate and curious about all things dog, after having grown up with giant Schnauzers that were trained to trial level in obedience, schutzhund and agility.


In 2016 Friederike adopted her rescue dog Joey and has since had a crash course in dog behaviour and managing / re-socialising a reactive dog. K9 Nose Work® was suggested to them as part of the rehabilitation process and they have not looked back since. K9 Nose Work® has been a huge contributor to building Joey’s confidence and focus. Fred and Joey recently passed their ORT (Odour Recognition Test) for Birch.


When Friederike realised there were no K9 Nose Work® classes or instructors in the NT, there was only one solution, and she has been busy learning as much about the activity as she can, to keep the fun alive for Joey and introduce it to others.

Sarah Jones

Sarah has been working as a zoo keeper at Taronga Zoo with exotic animals for the last 7 years and is passionate about all things relating to animal behaviour and training.

Her family is made up of 3 dogs, 2 parrots, 4 chickens and her boyfriend.
Sarah became interested in dog training after adopting her German Shepherd Lucy, who challenged her to become a better trainer and to think outside of the box. Lucy is also the reason Sarah was first introduced to K9 Nose Work 2 years ago.

Since then she has successfully competed with Lucy, taking out the High in Trial at the recent NW1 trial and has introduced her young dog to the sport, who is absolutely loving it.

Rachel Lawler
Phone: 0435262305

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