Dog Training:
Course and Workshops

6 week courses held in Bilpin, and one off workshops held in Castle Hill

Our Goals are:

- Build foundation behaviours to help with teaching advanced tricks

- Improve on your training and observation skills

- Learn enough tricks to be able to obtain your Novice Trick Dog Title with 'Do More With Your Dog' (AKC recognised title)

- Begin to learn some advanced behaviours

- Understand the science behind your dogs learning

- Main goal - TO HAVE FUN!!

Trick Training - 6 week Course
Relationship, Life Skills and Good Manners Course

Classes held in Castle Hill

Build on the relationship with your dog through stimulation games and useful training exercises with Rachel Lawler. You will also have the opportunity to learn from Sacha Packer from The Balanced Canine, who will take you through the importance of conditioning for the health of your dog, as well as teaching you how to use conditioning equipment.

Main goals:
- Gain the skills to build a strong relationship with your dog.
- Learn games that will help enrich your dogs life, and also make them a better companion for you.
- Learn the basics of obedience, 'sit, drop, stay, come'.
- Build your dogs confidence in all situations with the use of the 'find it' game. 
- Build drive for different motivators and also become more aware of environmental motivators.

- Learn about the importance of good nutrition and conditioning. 
- Learn how to use conditioning equipment and why its important. 


Trick Training Courses

Courses held at Bilpin and Castle Hill Showground

'On-Set' Preparation Workshop - Held on request
There is a lot more to working on a tv/film set than some may think. Learn from Rachel who has spent years training animals from dogs and cats, to chickens, birds and goats.

Learn some of the most important tricks/behaviours your dog should have to give the camera what it wants and ensure your dog is 'on-set' ready before stepping out into the spotlight.

K9 Nose Work®

Courses held in Concord, Hunters Hill, East Kurrajong and Bilpin


Turning your dog into a scenting superstar, K9 Nose Work is one of a kind, in that it caters to dogs from all walks of life! Whether you are just interested in giving your dog an activity to do, or you want to climb the ladder to enter ACSW trials, the only limitation is your ability to let your dog do what he does best, sniff! Catering to any young, old, nervous, reactive, boisterous, disabled, or anything in between. This activity will allow your dog to express his inner detective!

K9 Nose Work® Courses
K9 Nose Work® Hot Laps
K9 Nose Work® Private Lessons

Rachel Lawler
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