K9 Nose Work® is one of Australia’s newest, most exciting activities for dogs!

Turning your dog into a scenting superstar, K9 Nose Work® is one of a kind, in that it caters to dogs from all walks of life!

Whether you are just interested in giving your dog an activity to do, or you want to climb the ladder to enter ACSW trials, the only limitation is your ability to let your dog do what he does best, sniff!!

Catering to any young, old, nervous, reactive, boisterous, disabled, or just your good old friendly family dog. This activity will allow your dog to express his inner detective!

K9 Nose WorkⓇ Courses - Find out More
Intro to K9 Nose Work® through to Advanced Odour courses are available in Concord, Hunters Hill, North Richmond and Bilpin.

K9 Nose WorkⓇ Hot Lap Events - Find out More
These are events where you are allocated a time to come and search, so that you do not need to hang around for long periods of time waiting for your turn.

K9 Nose WorkⓇ Private Lessons - Find Out More
Private lessons are held regularly in Bilpin and are great for those needing extra assistance in specific areas.

Classes are run by Rachel Lawler (ANWI), Sarah Jones and Friederike Welter. Rachel is one of Australia’s most experienced K9 Nose Work® instructors, getting involved in the activity not long after it’s introduction to Australia.
Sarah and Friederike have come on board to help share this brilliant activity with more people and dogs. After starting K9 Nose Work ® with their own dogs a few years ago, they fell in love with its benefits and decided to jump right in and learn as much as they could so they could share this knowledge with you.

Click here to learn more about Rachel, Sarah and Fred.

If you are interested in having us host a K9 Nose Work® event for your club, please CLICK HERE to express your interest.


- Introduction to K9 Nose Work® Demo
- Quick practical introductions for your students (Up to 1.5hours)
- In-depth lecture about the theory and science behind WHY K9 Nose Work® is so life changing for our canine companions. 

K9 Nose Work® 6 week Courses
Starting WEDNESDAY 26th February 2020
5:30pm - Intro to K9 Nose Work Course
7:30pm - Odour K9 Nose Work Course


Starting WEDNESDAY 4th March 2020
5:30pm - Continuing Odour Course
7:30pm - Continuing Odour Course

K9 Nose Work® Hot Lap Days

K9 Nose Work® Private Lessons
Available all year round.
Please contact us if you are interested. 

Other events

Trick Training Workshop APRIL 2020 - Federation Building, Castle Hill Showground - Working Spots and Spectator Spots Available

K9 NOSE TIME - K9 Nose Work(R) Camp - 13th August - 16th August 2020. 


Rachel Lawler
Phone: 0435262305

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