K9 Nose Work®, the sport that caters to ALL dogs!

K9 Nose Work® Courses

Class Structure

All of our classes are structured so that only one team searches at a time. Dogs do not come in to contact with each other, and where possible we ensure they never have line of sight with other dogs.

Each team will get a few searches each class. A class is 1.5 hours and there can be up to 7 teams per class. 

Course Locations
East Kurrajong

Intro to K9 Nose Work®

This 6 week course gives you and your dog a taste of the great game of K9 Nose Work®. We start the dogs off searching for their favourite food or toys, and build their Independence, confidence and drive to hunt in different situations. You will learn to read your dogs changes of behaviour, which will be the key to success later on.

Continuing K9 Nose Work®

This 6 week course is a follow on from the Intro to K9 Nose Work® course. With a focus on building handling and observation skills as the puzzles get harder for your dog. We will also build more context for the game in new environments, your team work will improve as the course goes on. By the end of the 6 weeks, teams will be ready to introduce the first novel odour, Birch.

Odour K9 Nose Work®

This 6 weeks course is aimed at introducing your dog to the first novel odour, Birch. We will build your dogs odour obedience as well as increasing your understanding of your dogs changes of behaviour.
You will start to work through some more challenging searching scenarios that come with target odours, which will test your learning from the previous courses.

Continuing Odour K9 Nose Work®

Dogs will now have an understanding of searching for a novel odour (Birch), so its time to add Anise and Clove. 
Throughout the 6 weeks, dogs will learn to search for all of the target odours in a range of searching scenarios. 
We will start to touch on blind searches, which will test your team work with your dog.

Advanced Odour K9 Nose Work®

Dogs who are on Anise and/or Clove as well as Birch are eligible for the Advanced Odour class. Dogs on ONLY Birch must first complete Continuing Odour K9 Nose Work®.
This 6 week course is designed specifically to address the requirements of each individual team, whether that be odour obedience, leash handling, converging odours, height, inaccessible etc. We tailor this class to the level of the dogs in it. 

Intro to K9 Nose Work courses starting in BILPIN late Feb 2020, and then late April 2020. Odour courses available at East Kurrajong and Bilpin.
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