K9 Nose Work® Hot Laps

K9 Nose Work® Hot Laps were created to allow teams to search new environments and take on different challenges that they may not see in a class situation. Our Hot Lap events are suitable for all levels, from beginners right up to advanced teams. 

The greatest thing about Hot Laps events is that teams come at an allocated time, search straight away, and are then free to leave straight after. This is perfect for dogs who don't like to wait in the car, it suits the unpredictable weather and it doesn't take up much of your day.

We use our course venues as well as other venues that may not be suitable for a class (because of limited parking, hire availability etc), but are great search environments.

We have had great success with these events, and the feedback has been fantastic.

Rachel Lawler
Phone: 0435262305

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