Half a day of Tricks learning -
at Kylie's K9 Country Retreat

Description: Spend half a day getting into the nitty gritty of training tricks amongst other training enthusiasts.
Host: Rachel Lawler of Seek Dogs Australia. Trainer of K9 Nose Work, Trainer and wrangler of dogs for Tv/Film and trick training enthusiast. Learn more about Rachel HERE
Where: Kylie's K9 Country Retreat - 25 Alkoomie Place, Wilton, NSW
When: Sunday 22nd September 2019. Morning session: 8:30am, Afternoon session: 12:30pm.
How much: Auditing Spot: $30 Working Spot: $60


Those who know me will agree that I am very much a go with the flow person. What this means is while I create a plan, and have all good intentions to stick to it, its very likely that our time together will end up morphing as we progress and bounce of each others ideas an learning moments.

With all this in mind, here is the workshop outline:

Starting with the basics
Let’s chat concepts. Luring, shaping, capturing… so what’s the right method for each trick?

Is that all there is to it?
Reward placement
Handler placement
Feeeeeling the movement from the dog

Using training concepts to build behaviour
Turn on target
Go to mat

Building off Foundations
Now lets see where the basics can create a new behaviour, a BIGGER behaviour - 
Hold item – bring item to me, close suitcase
Target leg – lift leg
Drop – Scratch
Go around – GOOOOO around something much larger
Turn on target – turn into heel

Advanced Behaviours
Shaping a chain behaviour
Multi dog tricks

Rachel Lawler
Phone: 0435262305

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